Custom Made Sports Socks

We manufacture all types of custom sports socks including; football socks, cycle socks, netball socks, golf socks, squash socks, anklet, quarter and crew socks. We can use a range of yarns for your socks including cotton, bamboo and Coolmax™.
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Custom Football Socks

We produce European, Compression and traditional style football socks. A full terry foot is standard but we are able to do non-terry and half-terry if required. Our football socks have a nylon leg with turnover. We are able to do a variety of designs and embroider logos. We are also able to customise football sock styles to your requirements. 


Custom Cycle Socks

We produce quality cycle socks. We can produce technical cycle socks to your requirements including features such as arch support, aerated sections and graduated compression. Welts can also be extended to the desired length. 


Custom Sports Socks

We do a range of sports socks including regular mid-calf crew sock, quarter sports socks and anklet socks. We can extend the welt as required. We're also able to product technical sports socks with technical features including seamless for reduced rubbing, lace padding, a contoured arch and heel and toe padding. Technical yarns including bamboo and coolmax™ are available. 




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